Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 11

All this feedback has me giddy ^_^! This chapter is about, um, the importance of anger management (not really XD!)

Zach hadn’t spoken to Gentry since the incident, and was fuming like an active volcano because of it. He wondered if Gentry regretted it, and concluded he did not. He was probably smirking right this moment, thinking about what a Sex God he was. What a pig… a very attractive pig that wasn’t happy with the little finger and would eat both an arm and a leg unless he was stopped. The stupid, smug, crude, motherfu---
“That sheet I gave you on Monday is due.” Announced the ancient teacher, stirring Zach from his heated thoughts.
”Remember, if you don’t turn it in today, you get a C on your homework grade.”
Zach frantically searched through his papers, before remembering he had let Kylie borrow it. She neatly pulled out her paper, an exact replica in Zach’s, printed in her large signature bubble letters.
“Kylie, do you have mine?” asked Zach, somewhat peeved.
“I don’t know what you mean.” She shrugged her shoulders.
“I let you borrow it.”
“Sorry,” She said, slowly chewing her gum,”I don’t remember any of that.”
“You fucking bitch---“
“Don’t curse at me.”
“Curse? I want to beat the fucking shit out of you---“
“Is there a problem here?” Mr.Jensen was leaning on Kylie’s desk.
“She has my homework.” Zach fumed.
“Sharing homework is a violation of the honor code, and I kick cheaters out of my class.” Droned Mr.Jensen,”I only know what I see, and that’s that Kylie has her homework and you do not.”
Zach was fuming now,”But---“
“Listen. I know you’re busy and sometimes forget to do your homework. I get that. But if you DID share papers, then you cheated.”
Zach looked down,”I understand.”
“Good.” Mr.Jensen hobbled to the board as he collected the homework pile, and started lecturing.

Zach kicked at the stall door, as he too often did. He knew that one of these days it would just fall down. He kicked the door repeatedly, until his foot hurt from kicking.
“Fuck you fuck you fuck you!” he turned to his back, hitting his head against the door.
How could he be stupid enough to let Kylie borrow anything?
He started hitting the door with his shoulder. He didn’t care about the math paper as much as he cared that some dumb bitch had gotten an easy ride. No one helped him! Why did he even bother to help her?
His eyes widened when the door gave way, and he fell out. He closed his eyes in anticipation for the worse, only to feel warmth instead of a cold hard floor. His heart was pounding, and he warily opened his blue eyes to see Gentry, holding him apathetically. There was an awkward silence as Zach maneuvered out of Gentry’s arms.
”How long were you waiting here?”
"Long enough to remember why I was leaving." replied Gentry, hurriedly pacing out the door.

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