Thursday, March 29, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 24

Gentry sat down at the Senior Swim Team lunch table, noticing some of the regulars weren't there. He speculated they probably ditched school to get more practice time in for the Senior Swim meet. After that would be the tryouts, the time of year Gentry hated most.
“Did you see the jugs on that freshmen?” Mike spoke up.
“Did I see the jugs, really?” Gentry murmured, watching Zach stealthily duck into the bathroom. At first this had confused Gentry, but now he understood. The more he sat at this table, the more tempting a lunch-long bathroom break became. Gentry toyed with the idea of joining Zach in the stall, possibly getting some action out of this lunch.
“Gentry? Hello?” Sydney was waving his hand in front of Gentry’s face.
“He’s checking out Zach.” Ethan laughed loudly, and Gentry’s gaze settled on him.
“Checking out?” Gentry unpacked his lunch,“I’m thinking of fucking him.”
Ethan laughed nervously, and the other boys joined him.
Gentry sat back with a smirk.
“I really am gay, you know.” He stated, taking a sip of water as the boys guffawed loudly.
“Someone will believe it one day," Sydney deadpanned,"and you’ll get that smirk beaten off your face.”
“Dude,” Mike spoke up,“if we had a fag in the locker room I would hella quit swim team.”
Gentry gave a sheepish grin.
“I don’t know, but I definitely wouldn’t pick up the soap.” Ethan chimed in,“Hell, the lockers would be fag paradise.”
“No, wrestling would be a fag’s paradise.” Mike jeered loudly.
Gentry took another sip of water,"Wrestling would be Mike’s paradise.”
The table howled with laughter, at which Mike raised his voice.
“Seriously man, not funny. I’d beat up any fag on the swim team. I hella don’t wanna be raped or turned gay.”
“You legally could beat a gay guy up, you know.” Sydney spoke up,“It would be like self defense, cuz you might get AIDS if he touches you or tries to kiss you.”
“I heard you get AIDS if a gay boy sneezes on you.” Gentry murmured.
“Really?” Mike’s eyes widened.
“That’s hella cold, Gentry.” Sydney rested his below on the table,“… Anyone seen that sophomore’s knockers? They’re freaking huge.”

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