Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 4

The latest installment! I went heavy on angst last time. This hopefully will offer some hints about what's up with Gentry, and show that Zach is one analytical guy:

Gentry sat in the team room warm blanket over his wet shoulders and a hot cup of tea in his hands. The team room was fairly small, holding roughly twenty lockers and one bench. On the wall there was a poster that read "Go Team!", which was about to fall off. Swim practice had ended hours ago, and Gentry thought he was alone. He wasn't particularly surprised, however, when Zach entered and gracelessly dropped his backpack onto the bench.
"Why did you ask why I saved you?" asked Zach, sitting down on the bench.
Gentry shrugged,"I don't know. I wasn't thinking clearly."
Zach gave a thoughtful nod,"Is that why you didn't want anyone to call your parents?"
"No, but it is why you're asking me all these dumb questions." a seductive little smile played on Gentry's lips,"There are better things you could ask me."
" All right. I have one more question."
Gentry's voice grew strained,"Which is?"
"Do you think you're Jesus?"
Gentry was taken aback,”What?"
"What is this bullshit about sacrificing yourself for the team? You hate the team."
Gentry's amber eyes narrowed,"Just because some guys slack off doesn't mean I will. I actually like swimming, unlike some people."
Zach crossed his arms,"Then I'm right. You didn't do this for the team, you did it for yourself."
"I'm not following you." Gentry pushed the blanket off his shoulders and pulled on his coat.
"You did this to show everyone how great you are. You know what, you're arrogant as hell. But you're so quiet that no one realizes it! Great performance, by the way, everyone seemed shocked! What did you expect, Gentry? A standing ovation? For them to read your name over the speakers?!"
Suddenly, Gentry grabbed Zach's shoulders, translucent fingers pressing into that tan skin,"Shut up."
He then pushed his mouth against Zach's, feeling the other boy shiver against his chest and slowly warm into the kiss. When Gentry pulled away, Zach sat down on the bench and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders,”You know, if you would have died, they wouldn’t of cared. They would just have some journalist write a bulls—t article about you, and then they would go on with their lives. The only people who wouldn’t are those who cared about you in the first place.”
Gentry headed towards the door, and softly asked,”And… is that you?”
“Don’t ask stupid questions.”
Gentry turned around to ask what Zach meant, but saw that he was already fast asleep, using his backpack as a pillow. Gentry couldn’t help but smile, and shook his head. He moved closer, and noticed a paper in the backpack’s front pocket. He took it into his hands and quickly scanned it, then pocketed it and kissed Zach again. Zach murmured in his sleep, basking in his newfound warmth.

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