Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 12

Squee ^_^! This part is a little background on Zach. It's crude, but he's a boy, so it's not that shocking ^_^!

Zach returned home, heaving a sigh. Why did it have to be Gentry? Why couldn’t it be some hot redhead with gargantuan tits?
Zach sighed, and plopped down in front of his computer, opening a wordfile where he recorded every gay thing he had ever done. If he ever decided to turn gay, he would just print a copy and give it to his parents. But... was this a choice at all? Had it ever been? It felt more like a roller coaster...
The first thing he remembered was finding a porn magazine at age seven, when he was still in Estonia. He was at a friend’s house, playing hide and seek, and found… it… while hiding in the closet. The cover was simple enough, with two naked women holding their own breasts and the headline “Monster Tits.” Zach wasn’t particularly shocked, he just wondered if they weren’t embarrassed at appearing under a headline like “Monster Tits.” Even though it felt somehow wrong and dirty, he opened the magazine and morbidly flipped through the pages. This was so gross! Who would publish something this bad? Zach was about to put down the book when he came to a section featuring two guys--- and no woman.
Those blue eyes darkened with interest, as his eyes scanned every picture. The two men were oiled up and muscular, with spray-on tans from their slender hips to their broad shoulders. They both had intense, overdone expressions on their faces. Zach remembered, word for word, the story next to the pictures. It was about two friends who went home after a workout and would “wrestle for dominance. The bottom had to take it... fast and hard…”
Zach fell back into his chair, smiling at that story. It seemed so silly now…
But back then… He recalled the warmth his body felt, and how he panicked thinking that his manhood was infected and leaking puss. He remembered asking his mother about it, and enduring the long albeit well-meant lecture that followed. Even that day, and for so many years afterwards, he never admitted he was gay to anyone, not even himself. He kept it as a dirty and secret fantasy: it became the crude sketches he hastily threw away, the hoards of fitness magazines under his mattress, and the vivid dreams that wouldn’t leave him alone. It was not just sex, it was something deeper that Zach couldn’t understand. He had tried thinking about girls, but his thoughts always drifted back to boys. He kept hoping this was a phase and that he was only bisexual. He kept hoping until that day at the pool, when Gentry had taken his hand and dragged him into the locker room.
Zach smirked at the deceptively simple event he had written on the timeline: “Met Gentry.”

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