Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 1: Part 2

Here is the next installment! Once again, I hope I'm not offending anyone ^_^:

The neat paper had red marker all over it, stating in garishly large and messy writing,"Corrected by: Zach; 1/10, F-. Good job." with a fat smiley face next to it.
Gentry cast a look to Zach, whose paper had a neat "10/10" written on it.
"Could you NOT use marker that bleeds through to the other side of the paper?"
"Why, does it bother you?" Zach answered coolly, getting ready to correct Gentry's latest "in-class" assignment. He had noted the redhead was obsessively neat, in anything from his clothes to his work.
"You're being immature."
"You didn't seem to mind in the locker room." One bold, red streak marred the perfectly neat paper.
"Stop it." Gentry snatched away his neatly spaced and written paper, thinking what he would do to the raven-haired boy later on.
"It's an F either way. All your answers are wrong and you didn't show your work."
Gentry said nothing as he slowly, neatly packed every book away while Zach was lethargically throwing them into his backpack, unsuccessfully attempting to fit the jumbled mess inside the confined space. The bell rang, and the other students sped out.
"Um,” the teacher, a rotund Asian woman named Mrs.Lo, got up from her desk,”you know what? I'll leave you two here because I have a meeting. Lock the door after you, and don't let anyone in." she stood up, pushing in her chair and grabbing her keys. The door clicked shut, and Zach kicked his backpack cursing under his breath.
The kiss was so soft, sudden and tender that Zach's defenses melted away,"...Gentry."
His body ached. He wanted to run his hands over that pale skin and make the redhead whimper and moan from his touches.

The hot stream of shower water beat down on Gentry, his pale back arched against the blue tile wall.
"Ah... Zach..."
Zach was on his knees, ans the drops of water rolled down Zach’s tan body.
He listened to Gentry’s soft cries with a blunt smugness, but at the same time, a soft neediness.
"Zach, Jesus fucking Christ listen to me." he growled, finally pushing the younger boy away, and pushing himself off the blue tile wall.
Zach was taken aback, and mildly annoyed at the mention of Jesus Christ,"What? Wasn't I good enough?"
"I don't want to do it here." Gentry stated, flatly.
Zach looked around the deserted boys' bathroom,"...Why?"
"I don't like it here."
"Well what do you want to do? Go home?"
Gentry raised an eyebrow,"You have a better idea?"

Zach punched a code into the keypad, allowing his house door to unlock. He opened it, and Gentry followed behind him into the large mansion. His parents were gone to France for the weekend, and the house was unnervingly quiet. He could picture his nice, quiet parents irritated at the large amounts of smokers, cursing at them uselessly in broken French.
Gentry looked up at the softly clinking chandelier,”Nice place.”
“Yeah.” Zach smiled slightly, and pinned Gentry onto the sleek black couch, undoing the redhead's pants and starting where he left off.
“Zach.” Gentry's marked voice caught the freshman’s attention.
”There are other ways to do it." he sat up,"Ever tried 69?”
“Lie down, I’ll show you.”
Zach took a shaky breath as the older boy climbed on top of him.

Carly cast an appreciative gaze as Gentry pulled himself out of the water.
"What do you think of that freshman, that kid from Russia or Romania or whatever?" Carly spoke up.
"Estonia, right."
A mischievous glint reflected in Gentry's amber eyes, before it disappeared and he stated,"He's fast."
"I can see that." Carly motioned to the freshman who was swimming in the last lane of the pool. He was a graceless machine, hitting the water with brutal efficiency.
"Usually the freshman swim team is the worst, but Zach is winning competitions based on speed."
“But he keeps crashing into the wall.” Gentry stated, knowing the only way to cure the Senior’s jealousy was to remind him of his opponents’ flaws.
“I know.” Came the sullen resply,”But it’s not against the rules.”
"So what do you want to do, draft him to the Senior team?" asked Gentry.
"No. I don't like him." admitted Carly,"I don't like any of the freshmen this year."
"You never do."
"We need to put them in their place. Remember your freshman year?"
Gentry frowned,"Of course. I was disqualified from the most important competition of the year due to a faulty dive."
"Yeah,” Carly smirked,”there was a problem with the diving board."
"I figured."
"But I made it up to you." Carly stated defensively,"You are the only junior I let into the Senior swim team. And I like you. You’re not like Zach… Zach's a bit too cocky."
"Then let me deal with him."
"You already are. I can smell him all over your clothes."
Gentry flashed a rueful smirk, and Carly continued,"I'm announcing it to the rest of the team. Friday is the last big Freshman match of the year. We'll be fixing the diving board."
"I'm not part of this. It's stupid." Gentry toweled off his hair.
"But you ARE part of the senior team. You can't tell anyone. Promise me. You got over it, so will Zach. I promoted you. We're a team."
There was a glimmer of conflict in that deep amber, before Gentry gave a wordless nod.
"There was such a jerk in one of my classes. I would rant about him but think about his mother. She must endure him for all of his life. I mean, can you believe people give birth to complete morons sometimes?"
Gentry overheard Zach talk to a classmate, secretly wishing to be that classmate. The conversation revolved around his mind, sharply interrupted by the bell. Gentry cooly noted the other classmate took the opportunity to get a word in.
"At least I listen to you, even if you tell me stupid things." Gentry thought, watching the classmate make some lame excuse to escape Zach.
Now it was just the two of them, alone in the classroom.
Gentry sighed,"Zach. Don't go to the swim competition on Friday."
"Just don't."
"Are you afraid of a little rivalry, Gentry?" teased Zach, standing up before two strong arms pushed him to the wall.
"Listen to me. Just once, just listen. Don't go."
Zach's eyes narrowed, and he pushed Gentry away,"Screw you, I'm going."

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