Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 15

A redhead, a half-naked Estonian and a guinea pig. What will the neighbors say?

Zach frowned,“That’s cruel. If you don’t like him, give him to someone who does.”
“It’s not cruel.” Gentry protested,”Guinea pigs can’t survive in the wild; they always depend on humans. The only reason they exist is to be living toys for people. That’s what makes them pathetic. It’s better to be dead than to be someone’s toy.”
An awkward silence ensued, and Zach stole a look at Gentry before asking:
“Then what does that make me?”
“Don’t flatter yourself. You aren’t fun enough to be my toy.”
“Stop joking with me. I know you wrote that paper for me, and you act like I need you.”
“You do need me.” Came the snarky reply.
“But, do you need me?”
Gentry blinked,”I don’t know what you mean.”
He noticed the old lady across the street was leering at them, wondering what a half-naked boy was doing on a respectful family's porch!
Gentry stepped back, holding the door open,”Are you going to come in?”
Zach eyed him warily, and Gentry sighed.
“I won’t steal your towel.”
“You better not.” Zach snapped at him.

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