Thursday, March 29, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 21

There was an awkward silence as Zach waited for Gentry to leave. When the redhead showed no signs of it by taking leaning against the desk, Zach’s squinting blue eyes looked up at him.
“You also have detention?”
“No, I just volunteer part time to do office work.”
“Volunteer?” Zach shrugged forward,”I never guessed you were a maschochist.”
“To put up with you, Zach I’d have to be.” He added slyly,”…Considering you are a homophobe.” Zach’s head shot up,”I am NOT a homophobe Gentry!”
Gentry just laughed.
“I’m not” Zach insisted,”You should know better than anyone!”
“Maybe you could refresh my memory.”
Zach shot a venomous look at the redhead,”Here? And what will you tell them if they ask why the desk is sticky? No, don’t answer that… you’ll just tell them you were fighting homophobia, right?”
“Make love, not war.”
“Fuck love, have sex.” Zach gave a small smile that briefly illuminated his dark features. Gentry averted his eyes.
“You’re in a dangerous place.” He murmured,”Are you just going to go piss everyone off the way you pissed off Casey? The homophobes already think you’re gay, and tomorrow the gays will think you’re a homophobe.”
“I’m not trying to piss anyone off!” Zach protested,”I’m just sick of this bullshit. Everyone smiles and grins like Casey even when they know this school is crap! Everyone is just so damn submissive just to get their grades, even you. You think mean things but you never say them.”
”I’m not submissive.” Gentry leaned against the desk,”You’re just stupid. If you kept your mouth shut you wouldn’t be wasting…” he picked up a clipboard,”4 hours here because of ‘Talking back’, ‘Public Indecency’ and ‘Sexual Harassment’.”

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