Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 20

Don't you just hate high school bureaucrats? Oh, and beware of redheads ^_~!

If there was one thing Zach hated, it was offices. Those fluorescent-lighted buildings of sadness, doom and despair. In fact, ever since that day in the first grade where he had been sent there for ‘talking back’, he concluded that offices were the work of Satan himself. In fact, Hell was probably a nice big window-less office... the kind with plastic plants and Ms.Nasty in the corner.
He sat smoldering in the detention room when a shadow suddenly fell over him. His blue eyes glanced up to see a blond boy with a self-conscious grin and squinting eyes.
“Are you Zach Tyler?”
“No.” he looked at his note,”Officially, I’m ‘a disturbance.’ Nice to meet you.”
The other boy laughed,”My name is Casey.” He handed him a folded paper,”There aren’t too many disturbances here, so that makes you a minority. Aaand… they handed grades back at the end of Drama. You weren’t here, so I was asked to give this to you.”
Zach opened the paper, staring in dismay at the negative report. He gave a sigh, and Casey casually asked him what was wrong.
“Lit.” Zach murmured, slouching,”My teacher hates me.”
“Are you kidding? It’s like freaking easy. I got an A with nothing.”
“I like diversity in my grades.“
Casey’s laugh rang out again,”But lit is easy.”
Zach lowered his head on the table, and his blue eyes looked to Casey’s,“Like you?”
“Excuse YOU.” Casey snapped at him,”Just because you’re looking for trouble doesn’t mean I am.”
“I don’t look for trouble, trouble looks for me.”
“Are you a homophobe or something? Because that’s not cool.”
“Yes, I’m a homophobe.” Zach rolled his eyes,”Homo means ‘people’ in Latin, and I hate people.”
“OKAY, I am reporting you.” Casey huffed.
Zach stood up,“Yeah, report me, so I can leave this stupid school and go back to Estonia!”
Suddenly, the room fell silent. Gentry stood in the doorway, and said,”Don’t stop.”
“He’s a homophobe. He said so himself.” Casey spat, brushing by Gentry,”Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go get my lunch. Ms.Nasty’s official document pen is on the desk, so use if you need it.”

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