Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 5

Gentry opened his door and entered his house, gently closing the door behind him. His mother looking up from her painting and watched her son unpack his belongings on the living room sofa. Everyone said Gentry’s mother, Sophia, was beautiful. She was pale and slender, with luxuriously red hair that was cut into a bob. The ends curled up and framed her high cheekbones.
“I don’t know how you can swim in this cold weather. ” She shivered.
“The cold builds endurance.” Gentry looked up at her, and upon noticing his father in the doorway, fell silent. Gentry’s father was a kind-faced, heavyset man in his early fifties with thinning gray hair and sparkling black eyes. As he walked into the room, Gentry moved into the kitchen and ignored him. Undeterred by this cold reaction, his father spoke up.
”Geronimo escaped again. You need to be more responsible with locking his cage.”
Gentry looked up,”I lock his cage, but he figured out how to open it. You gave me that dumb animal, fix your own problem.”
His father had given Gentry a guinea pig for his ninth birthday. Under Gentry’s care, this dumb animal had lived nine dumb years and escaped ninety dumb times.
“You know, I think I finally quit smoking for good.” Sophia chirped,”Isn’t that great?”
Gentry regarded her coolly, then wordlessly turned off the faucet with a paper towel. He threw that away and grabbed another one to dry his hands.
“At least say something.” Growled his father.
Gentry looked up,“As long as you’re here, she’ll just start smoking again.”
Sophia put down the paintbrush,”That’s enough.” She then smiled,”Gentry, we’re going out to dinner as a family tonight. Get done.” she stirred from where she was sitting, picking up the white paper Gentry had unpacked along with his other swim things. Her thin lips curved into a heavyset frown.
”Who is Zach Tyler?”
Gentry looked up at her and abruptly answered,“No one you need to know.”
“Is he your latest boyfriend?” she threw down the paper, and stormed towards her son,”Tell me!”
There was an unsettling silence before Gentry answered.
“He’s a boy from school, and we fuck occasionally.” Gentry spat coldly,”Sometimes he gives me head, sometimes I put my cock inside him and I don’t stop fucking him until I cum. I also love him; is that what you wanted to know?”
His mother shook with barely concealed anger, reached for a drawer and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter.
”You are already ruining us…” she shakily put the cigarette to her lips, moving away as her husband tried to stop her,”Do you have to ruin him too?”

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