Thursday, March 29, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 22

“Sexual harassment?” Zach almost fell flat on the desk,”Where did they get that?”
“According to school law,” Gentry picked up a heavy red School rulebook, reading from it,”…sexual harassment includes sexual acts, namely kissing, oral sex, physical sex, and sexually-orientated hugging in public. This is because it subjects those who are in the vicinity to watch what is occurring.”
“But wouldn’t watching be voyeurism?”
Gentry laughed, but Zach continued in outrage.
“Don’t laugh at me! Seriously, Gentry. What kind of person watches that stuff?!” Zach was fuming by now,”Besides, what did I do that was sexual?”
Zach fell silent for a while, before the horrifying realization dawned on him.
“So that thing we did in the pool---“
“But--- “
“I know.”
“No one doubts it.”
“Then why are YOU watching over my detention!” Zach stood up,”You should be here in detention with me!”
“I’m watching to make sure you don’t get your shorts stolen a second time.” Came the snarky reply.
Zach fell back onto the table, obscuring his face with his arms,”What if they call my parents?”
“They can’t.” Gentry replied,”It’s against school rules to out a kid to his parents. And mentioning that would out you.”
“Then how can I change their decision about putting this on my permanent record?”
“You can’t. You have to call your parents.”
“So either way I’m doomed?”
“Basically, yes.”Zach obscured his faced in his arms, sinking into the folds of the chair and hoping it would eat him alive.

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