Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 6

This is just a crazy little segment! Steaminess will follow in the next installments ^_~:

Zach had an idea of what was ruining him when he fell into his literature class seat. At this rate, lack of sleep would kill him by 35. He groggily took his finished script out of his backpack, slapping it on the desk with a cheerless satisfaction. He knew he looked about as attractive as a groundhog in heat. Mr.Handson listlessly passed back the essays the class had written a few weeks ago, stopping at Zach’s desk to hand him back his paper. Zach lifted his eyes only to see a bright red F. F! What a beautiful letter! If one was turned upside down, flipped around, and pressed into the other, they would create a perfectly symmetrical figure! He gave a muffled giggle as he slammed his head onto the desk, seeming perfectly insane. Mr.Handson ignored him and picked up his script, idly flipping through it.
“Did you write this?”
Zach raised his head and nodded,”Yes.”
The teacher raised an eyebrow,”It’s very good.”
“Thank you.”
“So this is the final draft of your script?” he took off his glasses, giving Zach a good hard look.
“I’m impressed, Zach. This is the best thing you’ve written up to this point.” He handed it back to Zach, who quietly answered,“Thank you.”
When Mr.Handson walked away, Zach eagerly picked up his script to see what stroke of literary brilliance had pleased that sadistic bastard. Suddenly, the realization dawned on him that this wasn’t his script at all. The content and some of the original wording were there, but everything about it was smoother and better than anything he could ever have written. The bell rang, and Zach smiled as he carefully put the script away.
Gentry grinned as he watched Zach leave the literature with a jump in his walk. It would be childish to say that Gentry only lived to make Zach happy. Rather, he was happy when Zach was happy, and though this happiness could end anytime and for any reason, Gentry wanted to feel this way for as long as he could.

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