Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 1: Part 3

Here's the next part! Finally, some plot. Go me ^.^":

The smell of chlorine and defeat hung in the air.
"Disqualified?!" Zach yelled, his black hair dripping pool water down his arm, his clenched fist slamming down on the judge’s table,"I can do dives, something is wrong with the diving board!"
"That board was checked last week, nothing is wrong with it." the judge countered,"Now back off before I call security."
Zach pulled away in a fury, pulling on his swim robe and storming out the gate.
His eyes widened then narrowed as they met that familiar amber.
Gentry couldn't say a word when Zach shoved him against the wall, slamming him repeatedly against the bricks,"Is that why you didn't want me to go? Because you planned some stupid prank?!"
Gentry didn't fight back,"Zach..."
"You knew it, you knew it and the best you could do was tell ME to not go? What about the rest of the freshman team?! We're losing because of your stupid prank!"
"I didn't do it." Gentry countered weakly. But he knew that his secrecy played its part, so he averted his eyes.
Zach moved to slam Gentry to the wall again, but noted he was wincing.
“What the fuck are you hurt that easily?” Zach snapped at him.
“I’m fine.” Came Gentry’s cool reply.
Zach's eyes narrowed, and he forcefully tore off Gentry's coat. The redhead averted his gaze as Zach reeled from the patchwork of new bruises he had uncovered. His hand shook with anger and fright, as he hurled Gentry back his coat.
Zach stormed off without another word.

As he stared at the empty seat seat beside him, Zach reluctantly noted Gentry had been absent for three days now. He didn’t even attend swim meets.
“Is he avoiding me?” Zach slouched as the events from that day flashed through his mind. What were those bruises from? Were they from an accident, a fight... why had Gentry been there that day? The questions and facts raced through Zach's mind faster than he could relate to them. All he knew for certain was one thing: Gentry wasn't in class today. When the bell rang, all Zach could think about was that the schoolyear was ending next week.
He didn’t need to; but Zach had come to the frightening realization that he wanted to. He wanted to see him, even if they would only fight again.
"... Well," the secretary's voice stirred him from his thoughts,"he has been absent for over three days, I don't think he'll mind you giving him his homework..." the secretary printed out a crisp sheet,"Here's his address."
Zach smiled and gave a nod of thanks, walking out of the office.

He walked through the wealthy, illustrious suburbs that were so common in this area. House after house, each more pompous than the next. The one he stopped at, however, seemed out of place.
The blue-gray townhouse was by no means neglected. In fact, it was very well preserved. But there were no signs of life: no car in the driveway, and cement instead of plants. Its angles were odd, casting sinister shadows and giving the house a lopsided, disfigured look. To top off this unhappy structure, a matching wooden lantern hung off a gallow-like wooden pole, casting a gloomy light into the dusk. Zach knocked on the door, waiting patiently as footsteps came down the hall, opening the door. Gentry stood in the doorway, in a sleek black t-shirt and dark jeans. His faded red hair was slightly wet, standing out against translucent flesh. He looked disheveled but very sexy.
Zach spoke up,"I... I have your homework for you."
Gentry said nothing, his eyes lingering on the pile of papers in Zach's hand. After a lengthy silence he asked,"Is that all?"
"No. I wanted to apologize.”
“I should be apologizing to you. But that won’t fix what happened.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Replied Zach,”It doesn’t… the team wasn’t so great anyway.”
Gentry just stared at him, and Zach laughed awkwardly.
“Hey uh… I'll be gone this summer. My family's going to the Swiss Alps. Want to come with me? My parents have their own room anyway. They don't know... you know..."
"No thanks."
Gentry just shook his head,"Because I have a life outside of you." his eyes flickered uneasily,"Now go."
Zach turned dejectedly, the door slamming behind him.
Gentry leaned against the closed door. He wouldn't do anything this summer, and he knew it. Over the year he found that without Zach, he didn't look forward to anything. It would be one long, lonely summer.

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