Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 19

Introducing Casey. There's a point for this, I swear it's not a filler!

Gentry despised his friend Casey. They had once been inseparably close friends, spending many long summers together. But time had pulled them apart, and now they only occasionally saw each other.
“So what are you up to, my favorite friend?” came Casey’s light, airy voice.
Gentry gave him a look, and concluded Casey didn’t really care. After all, Gentry was only one of hundreds of “favorites.”
Casey gave a toothy smile in return, his eyes squinting.
He seemed so confident now, but Gentry remembered a time when Casey had tried to kill himself. Those days were over now, and looking at the grinning, flamboyant boy with a wisp and countless female friends, one would hardly guess that he once relied on Gentry to make it through the week.
“Hey, I have to get to class.” said Casey, pulling Gentry into a forced hug before he left him. Gentry didn’t resist, yet he didn’t support it either. He had been gloomy since the morning, and stalked through the school halls lost in his thoughts. He had had many friends over the years, and vaguely remembered how each of them seemed to move past him as they moved on. Gentry shielded his eyes from the sun, and looked up at the football bleachers. The three-story structure gleamed in the hazy morning sun as Gentry approached it. He was starting to wonder if his friends were only with him to fulfill their own needs; if they had ever liked him at all. He wondered if they cared.
The redhead heaved a sigh, and his eyes closed, then opened wide. What about Zach? Gentry’s eyes narrowed in thought. Whatever.

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