Monday, March 26, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 8

The saga (and drama!) continues. Thanks for all the feedback ^__^!:

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Zach yelled now that the locker room was empty,”That was the dirtiest, sluttiest, most wrong---“
“You enjoyed it.” Gentry opened his locker and tossed Zach his shorts.
Zach caught them,”I did not!”
“You never came harder.” Again that smug little smirk,”I only regret I couldn’t lick you where you like it best.”
“You embarrassed me in front of everyone!”
Gentry reclined against a closed locker and retorted,”No one got what was going on, it’s all speculation. And anyone with half a brain could figure out you’re a homo.”
“Then why did you have to make such a show out of it?” Zach was fuming now, and Gentry fell into a chafed silence.
”I’m sorry. From now on we’ll just keep doing boring sex.”
“I am not boring. Most people here don’t even have sex.”
“Yeah, and one would think for all the hot sex you’re having, you would be a lot happier.”
“Don’t flatter yourself. I’m only with you until I get a girl!”
Gentry froze,”That was cruel.” He slammed shut his locker.
Zach threw his shorts into his locker and icily said,“Deal with it.”
Gentry was quiet for a long while, starting to leave. Before the exit, he stopped, turned around, and said,”You won’t get a girl because you don’t want one. You like cock. Deal with THAT.”

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