Friday, May 11, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 36

Zach: the straights think he's gay and the gays think he's straight. In case you were wondering, Zach looks NOTHING like your typical Estonian (Estonians have light eyes, hair and skin. Like the Swedish.)

Zach found that eating in the bathroom was no longer an option. Ever since he had unceremoniously broken the stall door (twice!), the janitor was plotting to kill him. He would leer angrily whenever Zach stepped within one foot of the restroom. For social appearances, Zach found a group of people to sit with at the far end of the school, away from the comparatively civilized boundaries of the cafeteria.
To be honest, he didn’t really sit BY the Gay-Straight Allegiance. He sat a few tables away, by himself at the far end of the room. He attended the meetings in presence, and talked whenever he could. But he NEVER signed the sign-in sheet.
The Gay-Straight Allegiance mostly consisted of masculine girls and effeminate gay boys. It was also a unique assortment of jerks.
Zach had heard Gentry complain about them before.
But then again, Gentry hated everyone, including himself.
Zach knew he would need support if he wanted to ‘come out,’ so he dutifull attended the GSA meetings. He noticed with disdain that Casey was also a member. Casey noticed him in turn, but pretended not to. He just informed the others of a ‘homophobic presence.’
Zach opened his lunch and gawked down at the blood sausage, Verivorst. Good lord. He shut the lunch box in horror.
He specifically asked his parents not to pack any ‘weird’ food! Blood sausage was only a normal breakfast meal in Estonia, where people were crazy enough to eat stuffed swine intestines. Zach angrily put away his lunch and sighed. How could he come out when there was a dead pig in his lunch box? He didn’t even eat pork!
But that was how it always was. It was always Soul Food or some weird Estonian dish. Part of some liberal agreement between his well-meaning parents to ensure that he got ‘the best of both worlds.’ To be honest, he hated both worlds with a passionate fury. He didn’t want to be an Estonian-African-American-Homosexual.
As he sat in the corner, those thoughts circulated in his mind. Occasionally he listened into the on-going GSA conversation and tried to contribute, but the others just ignored him.
Finally he resorted to a gloomy silence.

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