Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 37

Zach took to ignoring Gentry, and Gentry did the same. They passed each other in the halls and never exchanged looks. They shared a pool but never collided. They shared a class but sat on opposite sides of the room.
However, when school was over and the pool empty, the boundaries that separated them vanished.
Arms entangled and tongues fought.
Gentry had Zach pinned to that familiar blue tile wall. The smooth tiles pressed against his naked back, reminding him every so often where he was and what he was doing.
But then Gentry would flick his tongue into his mouth, and the locker room disappeared.
Zach couldn’t remember who made the first move, but he didn’t care to. Everyday he swore to himself that he would end it before Gentry did, but everyday he found himself back in the same place.
Gentry’s touches were quick, his hands curving around Zach’s dark shoulders and moving down the length of his spine. Zach arched his back in response, inhaling sharply and burying his fingers in the other’s silky red hair.
A sudden push pain made him cry out involuntarily. He remembered he hadn’t prepared himself that day, hoping this would discourage him from seeking solace in Gentry’s arms. But this proud resolution was easily forgotten at the slightest provocation…
”I… don’t wake up at the start of the day expecting to end up here.” He thought to himself. He couldn’t bear to say it, but Gentry already knew. Zach’s heart pounded knowing that, after this was over, he would feel sick to his stomach. An eternity passed before he warily opened his eyes.
What was Gentry waiting for? Why wasn’t he moving?
"You're tensed up,” Gentry glanced at him, his voice hushed in a soft murmur,”I can't even fit a finger in if you're like this."
"It's not just a finger."
"You're right." the redhead gave a soft laugh as he pulled Zach to his chest,"You're just all nerves, aren't you? Stop tensing... I’ll prepare you."
Zach bit his tongue to keep from crying out at every touch, every movement. Gentry’s hands were warm.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Lots of action. Good job! You really know what ur writing.

Jill said...

This Is Reallyy Good! You're An Awesome Writer!
Post More!