Friday, May 25, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 40

“Shut up, I love school.” Stated Casey,”You just have to know how to work it. Positive thinking. And good organizational skills, that kind of stuff--- the early bird catches the worm.”
“What about the early worm?” asked Zach, slouching back in his seat.

“Um what?” Casey fluttered his eyelashes in annoyance.
“Teachers give loads of homework to promote themselves. They don’t even grade it! Their aides do. Almost every authority figure talks down to us. They treat us like idiots, and expect us to swallow it. Then they have the nerve expect us to pay $10 for a dance ticket to support their self-serving programs. Positive thinking isn’t going to fix the homework load or the bureaucracy---”
“Uh-huh-uh-huh,” Casey cut in impatiently,”okay if I could date someone for the dance, it would be Sydney.”
Felix, a ghostly peroxide blond, spoke up,“Sydney? What the hell? He’s on the same team as that redhead… what’s-his-name…”
“Gentry.” Zach filled in flatly.
“Zach is on the same team, you know...” Casey explained with a broad grimace. Or grin. Zach wasn’t sure which was which. Casey’s face reminded him of a stretchy rubber mask, constantly changing expression.
Mikey rested his head on his knuckles,“Oh my God. Gentry is so ugly. I freaking hate him. He’s so freckled he’s almost freckle-colored. I have him in my lit class. I would never date a redhead, just because of the freckles.”
Zach wondered if a redhead would date Mikey. Zach wouldn’t.
Felix nodded,“Redheads are ugly. Their freckles look like someone flung shit at the screen door and it landed on their face.” The table laughed loudly, except for Zach, who watched them with crossed arms and critical eyes. He wondered if a different hair color and unfreckled skin make Gentry’s more glaring flaws any more desirable.

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