Monday, May 21, 2007

Because You Suck: Chapter 2: Part 39

In my last post, the 'pube hair' insult is common to those of us with curly or 'big' hair. I have naturally curly hair. Although that insult's never been flung at me, I've heard people use it when referring to African Americans or white people who don't have stereotypically straight hair. It's also an issue in the gay community. The mainstream gay community promotes a narrow-minded white beauty ideal, which isolates gays who don't have white features. Keep your eyes on Casey in this scene ^_~.

Monday, Zach sauntered into the GSA room with lowered eyes, heading in his usual direction. The GSA meeting was cancelled, but some boys from the club stayed behind and chatted at the table. When he say them chatting amiably amongst themselves, he felt a flicker of jealousy spark up. At least in the bathroom, people just did their business and got out. There was no temptation to talk to anyone. But, sitting here by his lonesome just reminded him how lonely he was.
Zach anxiously took a deep breath, stood up, and walked towards their table.
But before he could take an empty seat, Casey blocked him and glared. The others looked up now, stopping their animated conversation.
Zach felt his heart sink.
He hadn’t noticed it before, but they were all white. It hadn’t bothered him more than it did now. Even with simpler clothes, he could never have that baby fine hair and pale skin. He felt like crawling back to his bathroom stall.
Zach was lost in his thoughts when suddenly Casey’s exclamation broke his concentration.
”Oh, so the homophobe wants to sit with us now? No. Go away, no one wants to hear you---”
“I’m not a homophobe.”
“Yes YOU are.” Casey spat,”And I hate prejudiced bigots. Now go away.”
“I’m not a homophobe. I’m gay.” Zach said defensively.
“Oh really.”
A boy named Mikey looked Zach over and spoke up,”Let him sit.”
Casey refused to move, and Mikey stated,”This gayness is a recent development. When did you come out?”
“Today.” Zach stalled,”But only in school. My parents don’t know.”
Casey’s features softened and his wisp rose in pitch,”Oh, really. Then sit down.” He slid on the bench and patted the seat beside him.
Zach eyed him warily and sat down with crossed arms. The other boys exchanged looks, then finally looked at Zach questioningly.
“Okay, okay,” Casey spoke up,”Who is everyone going to the dance with?”
“I never go to dances.” Zach spoke up,”I’m boycotting the school.”
“Um, whyyy?” Casey drawled.
“Because it’s oppressive bullshit.”
“Shut up, I love school.” Stated Casey,”You just have to know how to work it. Positive thinking. And good organizational skills, that kind of stuff--- the early bird catches the worm.”
“What about the early worm?” asked Zach, slouching back in his seat.

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